My connection keeps dropping, but I wanted to toss today’s hottie up for your consideration. Lacey Chabert hasn’t been seen much since “Party of Five” went off the air, but I saw recently where she had gone to the dark side and admitted to being a conservative. That’s good enough for me. The fact that she’s hotter than west Texas in July is just sprinkles on the ice cream cone.

1 thought on “Load HEAT”

  1. top ten right wing female celebs
    10. Gail O’Grady
    9. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
    8. Haley Cooper
    7. Shannen Doherty
    6. Shandi Finnessey
    5. Kellie Pickler
    4. Angie Harmon
    3. Patricia Heaton
    2. Jessica Simpson
    1. Lacey Chabert

    Honorable mention…3 who I don’t know if they are for McCain: Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and Sarah Michelle Gellar… and also Carrie Underwood

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