More Palinmania

So I had a workman come in today to put in roll-out shelves. Did a fine job with a fine product. But when he was finished, by way of making small talk, he mentioned how crazy it was to nominate Palin for VP. Dude. This is Orange County. Probably the deepest red county in California. Hell, there’s a magazine published here called Red County! Plus, I’ve got a StopHillary08!.net bumpersticker on my fridge. Maybe you ought to stick to the weather for a conversational topic.

The talented S. Weasel brings us plenty of Palin graphics. One photo in particular stands out. She P-shopped the graphics onto the photo, but made no changes to the photo itself. Having said that, I’m not at all certain the photo is genuine. I’ve already seen one debunked P-Shop of Sarah (Thanks, Ace). But who cares? Many on the left think that finding a photo of Palin in a mini-skirt will somehow be a giant scandal and cause the entire Monolithic Vast Right Wing to flee in horror. Ummm, no.

Update: Crap, it IS a P-Shop. But still, can’t I have my fantasy?

7 thoughts on “More Palinmania”

  1. I have seen that photo on Flickr from the beginning of the weekend. First it was captioned is this SP, then by monday it was this is SP.
    Whoever it is she has a smoking bod.

  2. Seriously, if the hard core left REALLY misreads us THAT badly that they think hot pictures of an attractive conservative woman will scare us away…

    Well, all I can say is:
    “For the Lord’s sake, Brer Fox, don’t fling me in that briar patch!”

  3. MikeD, you’re on target.

    I get the impression that a lot of folks on the left formed their view of the Rightwing by watching Footloose. The mere thought of seeing an attractive woman or *gasp* people dancing is enough to send us forth with pitchforks and torches!

  4. Yeah, I thought about pulling it after I was told it was a hoax. And then I thought…why? It’s not like it’s unflattering!

    I didn’t know you had a blog, Brad. You want I should link?

  5. I’d be flattered if you did link. Thanks.

    I remeber the whole kerfluffle when someone p-shopped Malkin in a bikini. While p-shopping like that is a definite ethical breach, the fact that photos of a woman exist in a bikini is hardly cause for tossing them out of the VRWC. Still, if lefty idiots want to keep knocking down strawmen figments of their imagination, that’s fine with me.

  6. I liked your post – we like Palin. My dad has recently started this thing where he rates things on the “Palin Scale”. He first started it after the RNC, where he was asking us how the different female reporters rated on the Palin Scale. Gotta love my Dad!! I guess there’s hope for all us good looking gals out there that we can make it big in politics – if we so choose to pursue that path.

  7. Look, I won’t hit on a recruiters wife, but you can’t drop the line about good looking gals without proof.

    And yes, Sarah is something of a breath of fresh air. Unlike Hillary, she got where she is by dint of her own hard work, not by riding the coattails of her husband. I admire that greatly. Sure, she’s a politician, but still, she’s got that secret weapon that W has. She’s constantly misunderestimated. By design. She has carefully crafted the persona of hockey mom while still being a shrewd operator. All while governing with a balance of personal convictions and a belief in compromise. That is pretty impressive.

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