Take Your Wife to Work Day

While snooping around on the web, checking up on old units of mine, I came across this gem from 2005. The Wolfhounds of the 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry were celebrating Jane Wayne day. Basically, the gather up some of the spouses of soldiers in the unit and give them a taste of some of the funner tasks that their husbands may do. Rappelling, shooting machine guns, whatnot.

Other units I was in did similar things, but usually in a less formal manner. My unit in Ft. Carson was stuck downrange going through gunnery one summer. We would be there a couple of weeks. To give the wives a chance to see their men, we hosted the ladies one day. They got a chance to ride in a duece and a half truck to the range, eat cold scrambled eggs out of  a mermite, watch Bradleys go through live fire training, see the huts we were staying in and see just a small slice of what their husbands “office” was like.  My gunner and driver loaded their wives on my track and we gave them a ride in the Bradley, letting them try working the turret and seeing how much fun it was to ride in back. The only trouble we got into was when I let the wives drive the Bradley. My CO just about had a heart attack. I don’t know what the big deal was. The track has an automatic transmission, power steering, there was no traffic and it wasn’t like they had to parallel park.

2 thoughts on “Take Your Wife to Work Day”

  1. Now I think that would have been cool to do. I would have loved to see first hand what goes on. I think if everyone knew what the soldeirs had to go through maybe they would be more appreciated it. Good idea, but next time make it the moms of soldeirs….lol

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