Russians Take Gori

The Times is reporting the Russian forces have seized the Georgian town of Gori. Gori is outside the disputed regions that Russia is supposedly “protecting.” I had initially thought the Russians would confine themselves to air and naval attacks on Georgia proper, but it appears I was wrong. Will Russia occupy all of Georgia? We’ll see. As I mentioned, Gori is only about 15 miles from Tskhinvali, and from there it is only about 40 miles to the capital, Tblisi. It looks as though Russia may decide to solve this dispute once and for all. Gori sits on the main east-west highway in Georgia, so in effect, the Russians have cut Georgia in two. This does not bode well for Georgia.

UPDATE: Not only have the Russians attacked south from Ossettia, they have attacked from the western region of Abkahzia and seized Georgian towns and bases in western Georgia. Georgia, faced with a two front conflict is at the mercy of Russia. Pleas to the UN will not influence Russia in the least. They have a veto on the Security Council, so there will be no resolution condemning Russia.

2 thoughts on “Russians Take Gori”

  1. Xbrad,
    I emailed a friend that lives in the Ukraine, I asked him about Georgia. I have no idea what he knows, but I asked. He is a Missionary and not Geopolitical, but I know he keeps in touch with politics. If I hear from him I will let you know.

  2. Here is what he said,
    “russia is usually to blame and they say what they want. i oversee georgia and eastern europe so yes, this concerns me. we have an office there and a outreach from ukraine (that is there now). news here is not clear so i’m waiting for more inside info from our guys there. will let you know….”

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