Barracks Life

Most folks, when the hear “Army Barracks” think of this:

Yes, I went to basic in a place just like this...
Yes, I went to basic in a place just like this...

Or this:

This is what my basic barracks looked like.

But the fact of the matter is, the Army has spent a ton of money to update your son or daughter’s barracks. Not everything is peachy keen, as we saw when a father showed video of a dismal barracks at Ft. Bragg last year. But for the most part, things are a lot better than you would think.

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  1. lol trust the army to have an invalid security certificate.

    Looks much like a prison without bars to me I admit. Are you referring to that sewerage lake video? John was not impressed when I showed him it.

  2. Those old “open bay” WWII barracks made a lot of sense when they were built. No wives or families there with the troops, and they only stayed in them through their training until they shipped overseas.

    The Bragg Barracks were already slated to be replaced but not all the new ones were ready. They new ones are pretty damn nice, but there are issues with overcrowding. Still, they have come a long way.

  3. The problem is that the Army is growing and movig units from overseas back to the U.S.

    Here at Bliss we have the ADA units leaving and the 1st Armored moving in.There was no room at the time for the 1st 2nd & 3rd brigades. So they are being stood up as the units reflag or the army grows.

    When I was at jackson, several of the WWII-era barracks were condemned
    New construction means that Fort jackson can’t get the summer surge until the new barracks are built (replacing the WWII ones).

    At Bliss we had a private contractor try to take over the barracks. They wanted to use a computerized system to assign soldiers to barracks. radomly. Oh and charge all soliders BAH to stay there.

    When it was pointed out the many soldiers don’t have cars the plan died on the vine…

  4. Chock, Hood did the same thing, but they learned a few lessons, like trying to keep everyone in the same BDE area. Lots and lots of leadership want to get out of the landlord business.

    Any time you start deploying units and then bringing them back, you are going to run into problems. My unit left from Bamberg to Desert Storm. When we got back, some other unit had stashed a bunch of folks in our barracks. They had about 30 minutes to get their stuff out.

  5. Navy, Seabees, 5 years, peacetime. It’s nice to have a clean sheet in a civilized situation but, you will sleep in sand and muck and will like it because that’s what you signed on for and it makes you worthy of the clean sheet. They tried these little tin boxes with AC but, when the power went out, it was an oven. Straight back to the Viet era hootches that allowed the breeze to blow through.

  6. They try to get out of the landlord business, but then you have issues with soldiers in the baracks (fights, drugs etc) that the chain of command gets held responsible for…so they get sucked back in.

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