Moronpalooza West 08

We had it tonight. It was a small affair. Actually, it was Sean M. from Doubleplusundead and I having beers. Of course, I had chicken tenders, too. We didn’t solve all the worlds problems, but we put a pretty good dent in a couple of them.

We’ve decided that Obama was pretty dang vacuous. I don’t think either of us ever got around to declaring support for McCain tho.

We did discuss what was probably the all time greatist blog post in the history of blog posts. And then we cried because that post got more comments than our monthly traffic.

We talked about how the one true conservative in America, Andi Sullivan, lost his man-crush on W and went off the rails over the FMA and everything else.

Mostly, tho, we drank beer.

I highly suggest you visit both DPUD and Sean’s own blog, the Brea Canyon Monument (and yes, there really is a monument. Apparently, some Spanish dude slept there. By that standard, there ought to be a monument to me over by that dumpster in Honolulu…)

5 thoughts on “Moronpalooza West 08”

  1. Ah, don’t fret – the greatest blog post mostly has spam comments written by bots.

    All of the worlds problems should be discussed over a few beers, I mean if it can make all women look good…

  2. I went back and checked, and indeed you are right. Lotsa spam. But it was pretty much the greatest post evah!

    But chapomatic showed us a post that had 42,000 COMMENTS.

  3. 42,000 comments, holy crap – most I had was like 37 to my racist map (interesting dialog there for sure)

    I looked because you and Lex made me curious – I had 637,531 unique visitors over the last 365 days (first time I looked at the whole year), 62,319 over the last 30 days. Gahh, Google Analytics is cool.

  4. oh, apples to apples – my above numbers are site wide. To my blog for the last year 25,291 unique visitors and 4008 of them over the last 30 days. Sorry about the double post.

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