Air Force Misshap

Yahoo News is headlining a story that a B-52 from Barksdale Air Force Base has crashed near Guam. No word yet on the cause. Guam is where the B-2 crashed back in February.


The B-52 was enroute to a flyby for Liberation Day. The last time a B-52 crashed in an airshow, it was horriffic.


2 thoughts on “Air Force Misshap”

  1. They were quick little suckers. We had one we used for gunnery practice on the LAW range back in Germany in the 80s. We’d plink at it all day with the sub-cal devices.

  2. The article talked about having them in the air a lot, it could be related, perhaps they haven’t done maintenance to match the heavy use.

    I hope they find them but I guess chances aren’t terribly good.

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