See, this is why I’m not Airborne…

Not everything goes smoothly every time.


3 thoughts on “See, this is why I’m not Airborne…”

  1. Just for the record, they drop the vehicles first, then make a second pass to drop the troops. It just wouldn’t do to have tanks and trucks landing on the crunchies heads.

  2. Oh, c’mon now. It’s fun.

    Now it is more fun if you don’t land on an active runway (did that). It’s more fun if you don’t make a downwind or crosswind landing (did that too). It’s more fun if the static line doesn’t reach back and punch you in the neck (I blame the jumpmaster for that one). It’s cool to miss the power lines (I managed to miss ’em). It’s fun to have the risers cross behind your head pinning your helmet covered head to your chest but it’s hard to check to see if all the panels are still in your chute (but it is fun to try to pull the risers apart and then spin around and around a couple of thousand feet up). It’s more fun if you don’t get drug across the north Texas prairie and every time you try to stand to run around the chute a gust of wind comes up and face plants you back in the dirt (stupid Stephens lanyard and stupid parachutist who forgot to disconnect it from the reserve ripcord).

    Yeah, it was fun. It’s cool to have more takeoffs than landings.

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