Loooong Range Sniper Rifle

The good folks at NOSINT bring us news that the Guided MLRS rocket now has a range of 85 kilometers, instead of the old 70km range.


That’s about 53 miles. That means from central Orange county, I can put a round through a window in Santa Monica.

Originally, the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) was a “shotgun” the division or corps commander could use to blanket an enemy artillery battery or tank formation with many thousands of bomblets. It was used to great effect in this role during Desert Storm.


Now, in an urban setting, dropping hundreds or thousands of bomblets is considered bad form. Also, since the insurgents are often hiding in buildings, a bigger warhead is needed. While the GMLRS doesn’t have the punch of a 500 or 2000 pound laser guided bomb, it is often quicker to get a round on target than working a request for air support through the chain of command. The smaller warhead also reduces collateral damage.

9 thoughts on “Loooong Range Sniper Rifle”

  1. I know we are talking apples and oranges here, but that makes Iran’s pshop look wimpy.

  2. Watching a whole battalion let go with full pods is pretty impressive. Since it was the only entertainment we had that night, we enjoyed the fireworks show. I’ve no desire to experience the receiving end.

  3. yes but 4 ok 3 1000 mile missiles vs a C*ap load of those? What did the Iraqi’s call them steal rain? Very impressive.

    Where did everyone go?

  4. V, the missiles that got P-shopped were not long range, maybe 1-200 miles.
    Generally, we looked at unguided MLRS as having a useful range of about 40km.

  5. Xbrad,
    I thought they were the regular S*3 missiles that had 1k range. I know nothing. Sorry for the F*up.

    So we have the a crapload of Awesome 40k missiles (now 80K) that can hit a window. They have a few missiles that can go a little farther than ours that can hit a city. WE still rock!!!!!

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