More Stolen Valor (Overseas Edition)

doubleplusundead brings us another “person” inflating his acheivements in the service. I guess that it is a part of human nature that some people cannot just tell the truth, but must inflate their own histories in a pathetic attempt to gain stature.

4 thoughts on “More Stolen Valor (Overseas Edition)”

  1. oh boy i loved the ‘British military food’ comment.

    So this is a case of having served honourably but dishonourably puffing it up. How sad.

  2. I sometimes get BS called on me when I say I was MI (98C2L), until I point out that most classified stuff I ever dealt with was boring as heck. Fact is, most people think of Intel as James Bond stuff. It’s more like The Office.

  3. MikeD,

    My military experience sucked even more than yours. I was an O5H20 (morse intercept operator), spent 3 years at Herzo Base Germany and my best contribution to my country was probably when I had to make coffee. You are so right, it was like the office except with more testosterone and on steroids. I wore one pair of boots for three years and never had them resoled and I am not sure if they ever touched the dirt.

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