5 thoughts on “The Nintendo Army”

  1. And they are testing this here at Fort Bliss. Those new uniforms are cool. They even tested the new UAV too

  2. What new uniforms? I noticed they were not ACUs but haven’t heard anything about a new pattern…
    Are we going to do like the AF and the navy and change uniforms every year?

  3. They are testing ACU’s with more pockets, ACU’s that have sew on name tapes (again) and the mulitcam. Your photo is from the Test of the Future Force Warrior. That is the mulitcam uniform. It’s not a one-off. Yep, get ready for a uniform change when all is said and done.

  4. Do the robots have the same type of controls and head-gear/screen as the UAV’s? I just can’t seem to remember if they are the same. I watched the report on the same program that I saw the uniforms on the Military Channels–Future Weapons and on the Pentagon Channel/web-site.
    Guys, from what I remember from the report on the uniforms–YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE THEM === A LOT.

  5. Miss Em, I’m just not qualified to tell you about the robots. We didn’t have them in my day, and I couldn’t find the article the photo came from. Having said that, from what I’ve seen, most UAVs (the small ones, anyway) are run off a laptop. The setup with the game controller looks like it’s supposed to give a “First-person shooter” perspective.

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