I learned about flying from that…

Back in 1987, my unit went to Korea.One part of the maneuver was a massive air assault with over 100 helicopters. I was in the very first one. We hit about half a dozen LZ’s. Our LZ was a rice paddy.

There was a couple inches of water standing in the paddy. We touched down and everybody starts hopping out. I was in the front row of seats in the bird, which meant that I kinda had to stand, turn, and back out of the bird. As I stepped out, my foot got caught in the cables supporting the seats. I fell backwards out of the bird and my rucksack and PRC-77 radio slid over my head. My foot was still stuck.

There I was, one foot stuck in the chopper, with the crew chief helpfully kicking the crap out of my foot to try and free it, my platoon leader on the end of the cord to the radio handset trying to drag me along, with my mouth and nose submerged under the surface of a rice paddy that from time immemorial has been fertilized with human shit, drowning. I don’t think I’m gonna post any pics with this one.

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  1. I moved to sarasota and started the 6th grade in 72. there was a hurricane out in the gulf (david I think) after the storm I went to the beach, the waves were running 6-8′ long story short I got sucked out 300 yds from shore. I was from Ohio, you don’t know how to swim when you live in Oh. This Dude swam up to me and said ‘ are you having prob’s? and helped me to the beach. never caught his name, he just walked off. I think that was my guardian angle. Could have been anyone, but….

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