Hi-Ho, the Bio

So who is this new force in the moronosphere? If you have stumbled upon my site, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen me comment on blogs such as Ace’s, Protein Wisdom, The Hostages and other greats. I’m a guy in his early 40’s. I was raised a Navy brat, and as such, I was smart enough to join the Army. Tours of duty included Hawaii, Germany, Colorado Springs, and (as penance for those wonderful places) Northwest Indiana.

After twelve years in the Army, it was time to move on and to my surprise and bemusement, I found myself in the financial industry. Even more so, I liked it. After three more years of living in Indiana, and working in Chicago, however, warmer climes and the call of family lured me to Southern California. If I never see another snowflake, I can probably live with that.

I’m well to the right of center, politically. I’m very much a fiscal conservative, somewhat socially conservative, and very much a supporter of the military and the War on Terror.

Why the moniker XBradTC? Well, the best job (of many) that I had in the Army was as a TC (Track Commander) of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. That’s that thingy in the header. It was like the Boy Scouts with really cool toys and no adult supervision. And I got to shoot at stuff.

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  1. hey XTCbradtc,
    I have seen you all over the moronsphere didn’t know you had a blog. Bookmarking you.
    Keep it up good stuff.

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